Thursday, June 16, 2011

Away We Go: A Nice Movie about Nice People

Away We Go stars Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski as a nervous couple on the verge of having a baby.  Unsure about their fitness as parents, they decide to take road trips to visit family and friends to determine if they could live near them as the support they need for their child..  On the way, they get a deeper understanding of each other and the ones around them.

I really have nothing terrible to say about this movie, nor do I have anything really positive.  I liked the Rudolph and Krasinski as the couple, their bond seems genuine and they come across as real people who are in love with each other.  My issue with the movie are the people they visit; they are one dimensional, corny and worst of all, they seemed fake.  Rudolph and Krasinki seem to be nice people who are surrounded by wacky idiots.  The trips didn't get interesting until they travel to Montreal and visit their college friends who seem to have had an insight into what this couple needs in order to best raise their future child.  By then, the movie had lost any of the real potential it had.

**1/2 stars.