Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Virginity Hit Viral Marketing Posters

So, I have recently been seeing these billboards all over the subway for the movie upcoming movie The Virginity Hit.  The film is from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions.  These ads intrigued and I decided to give the toll free number a call.  Here are a couple recordings I got from the Virginity Hotline.

Call 1:  Male Virgin

Call 2:  Female Virgin

Piranha 3D: Quite the Bloody Time

I'll just start by saying Piranha 3D is not a good movie.  The story about two million year old fish that are unleashed unto a group of unsuspecting spring break tourists is ridiculous.   The "scientist" of the movie (really a fish shop owner) claims that these fish survived isolated from the world for two million years by only cannibalism.

The "3D" in Piranha 3D is up-converted from regular 2D film and it is terrible.  The 3D here does not actually even work well in the movie.  As I watch the movie, I kept on asking myself "Is this film really in 3D?"  the 3D effects are that poor and hardly recognizable.  The two real 3D scenes in this film involve (1) vomiting into the screen and (2) a severed penis.

What Piranha has and has a lot is blood.  This movie is only of the bloodiest movies I have seen in years.  The attacks by the piranha are viscous and incredibly gory.  It is so gory that it challenges the Saw and Hostel franchises for the most cringe-worth deaths.

If you are a fan of these blood-fests, this movie might just be for you.  Otherwise, stay away from Piranha 3D.

I rate this movie 1 and 1/2 stars (out of 4)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movie Review: Step Up 3D

I'm a fan of 3D tech in movies and a fan of watching some good hip hop dance.  Naturally, I thought that I would really enjoy beautiful people dancing in 3D, so I checked out Step Up 3D.

Step Up 3D tells two stories: One deals with Moose, a character from previous Step Up films who moves to New York to study engineering at NYU following his parents wishes.   While there he discovers that he was BFAB: Born from a Boombox.  The other story is about Luke, the owner of the Vault, a dance commune where he and other dancers live and practice their art.  The stories of Luke and Moose meet when we learn that the Luke and company might lose the Vault and that the only way to save it is by winning the big dance competition, the World Jam.  The story is okay,  nothing revolutionary, but also not offensive to the theater-goer.

From the start the movie knows what it is and what it's audience wants.  Within the first five minutes, there is a dance off between Moose and a rival.  The dance sequences are fun and are greatly enhanced by the use of 3D technology.  The choreographers created routines that took the 3D cameras into account, the routines show great depth with the positioning and the movements of the dancers.  This is most apparent during the World Jam final, a rousing eight minute long spectacle where the dance move direct towards each other.  The camera is place directly in front of the dancers rather than at overhead angles so that the theater-goers get a better view of the action.

If you are a fan of 3D or curious to check out 3D for the first time, Step Up 3D is a good representative of how 3D can enhance a movie if it used correctly.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Podcast: A Fistful of Popcorn Episode 3

So, I've started a podcast with a few people I know.  Frank Longo, Lamonte and I discuss what we love, movies and television.

We are up to episode 3, this time we discuss dystopian films and discuss the question "Should moviegoers care about box office grosses?"

Check it out and let me know what you think.  If you like it subscribe and/or live a comment.  Tell a friend.

AFOP 3: The Ends of the World

TV Review: Breaking Bad Season One

After multiple Emmy wins and constant praise by friends, critics and viewers, I checked out AMC's Breaking Bad.  I recently completed watching the first season and I'm glad I did, because this was some of the best television I have ever watched.

The show tells the story of Walter White, a mild-mannered New Mexico chemistry teacher who after discovering that he has lung cancer decides to cook and sell crystal meth in order to save up money to support his pregnant wife and his son.  However, what we the viewer soon discover is that Walter's decision, might not be as altruistic as we were led to believe.  Walter has contained a dark persona his entire life and during the course of the season it begins to come out.  We follow Walter through this, where he initially tries to reject his dark side.  However Walter is eventually forced to show this side in order to survive.  What Walter soon discovers is that enjoys this dark side.

This change is fun to see on the screen due to the fantastic performance of Bryan Cranston, who turns in a great performance well worth all the allocades and awards he won.  Season one of Breaking Bad has glad that I have another two season worth of content to watch, I can't wait to follow the story of Walter White.