Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hangover Part II: I hope the franchise is over

I emailed my brother about Hangover Part II to tell him about it.  This is what I wrote:

You liked hangover part I?
If you want to see the exact same movie except in Bangkok, you will like hangover part II.
99% of the jokes depend on you seeing Hangover part I and saying “Oh that was funny in Hangover Part I”.
If you did not see Hangover Part I you will not get any of the jokes in the movie. This movie cannot stand on its own.
The main joke of this movie delivers is that events of Hangover Part I are happening again.
I’m not saying I didn’t laugh, because even though a lot of the jokes are just Hangover Part I repeats, Hangover Part I was funny.

Zach Galifianakis gets really annoying, they go over the top with his character.

BTW, it is going to make $120M over the Memorial day weekend. That’s insane.

* and 1/2 stars

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brutal Year for Freshman Shows

As a follow up to my earlier post on Fall TV, I wrote up this quick chart of many of the freshman shows.

The Cape realizes he is cancelled

Show Network Status
My Generation ABC Cancelled
The Whole Truth ABC Cancelled
Off the Map ABC Cancelled
Mr. Sunshine ABC Cancelled
Better with You ABC Full Season Cancelled
No Ordinary Family ABC Full Season Cancelled
Detroit 1-8-7 ABC Partial Pick-up Cancelled
Rubicon AMC Cancelled
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior CBS Cancelled
Mad Love CBS Cancelled
$#*! My Dad Says CBS Full Season Cancelled
The Defenders CBS Full Season Cancelled
Lone Star FOX Cancelled
Running Wilde FOX Cancelled
Traffic Light FOX Cancelled
Breaking In FOX Cancelled
The Chicago Code FOX Cancelled
Raising Hope FOX Full Season Cancelled
Terriers FX Cancelled
Outlaw NBC Cancelled
Undercovers NBC Cancelled
Cape NBC Cancelled
Perfect Couple NBC Cancelled
The Paul Reiser Show NBC Cancelled
Law & Order: Los Angeles NBC Full Season Cancelled
Outsourced NBC Full Season Cancelled
The Event NBC Full Season Cancelled
Chase NBC Partial Pick-up Cancelled
Hellcats The CW Full Season Cancelled
Walking Dead AMC Full Season
Blue Bloods CBS Full Season
Hawaii Five-0 CBS Full Season
Mike & Molly CBS Full Season
Boardwalk Empire HBO Full Season
The Big C Showtime Full Season
Nikita The CW Full Season

It was especially brutal year for Fox, NBC, and ABC.  Not really any new shows to take to next year.  Hopefully there are some promising shows during the upfronts.

Revisiting Sports Night

Sports Night was one of favorite shows when I was younger.  It was recently put back onto Netflix's instant watch and I decided to check it out once again to see if it sill holds up after 13 years.  The show was created by Aaron Sorkin who would later create West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and recently won the Oscar for writing the screenplay for The Social Network.

There are early trademark Sorkin touches in the show, fast paced witty dialogue mixed with stories that can be both funny and serious in the same episode.

However, there is something off-putting about the early episodes; the laugh track.  Laugh tracks have bothered me for a while, and they are unnecessary in an Aaron Sorkin production.  Sports Night tells really interesting stories and it doesn't need the laugh track to make you think it is funny.  It also becomes really irksome when you have the laugh track in one scene and then a really serious moment like this the next.  Fortunately as the first season goes on, the laugh track gets toned down and the show really starts delivered great episodes, with powerful moments like this.

The mixture of dialogue and story still holds up today, and I enjoyed watching this show a second time.