Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movie Review: Step Up 3D

I'm a fan of 3D tech in movies and a fan of watching some good hip hop dance.  Naturally, I thought that I would really enjoy beautiful people dancing in 3D, so I checked out Step Up 3D.

Step Up 3D tells two stories: One deals with Moose, a character from previous Step Up films who moves to New York to study engineering at NYU following his parents wishes.   While there he discovers that he was BFAB: Born from a Boombox.  The other story is about Luke, the owner of the Vault, a dance commune where he and other dancers live and practice their art.  The stories of Luke and Moose meet when we learn that the Luke and company might lose the Vault and that the only way to save it is by winning the big dance competition, the World Jam.  The story is okay,  nothing revolutionary, but also not offensive to the theater-goer.

From the start the movie knows what it is and what it's audience wants.  Within the first five minutes, there is a dance off between Moose and a rival.  The dance sequences are fun and are greatly enhanced by the use of 3D technology.  The choreographers created routines that took the 3D cameras into account, the routines show great depth with the positioning and the movements of the dancers.  This is most apparent during the World Jam final, a rousing eight minute long spectacle where the dance move direct towards each other.  The camera is place directly in front of the dancers rather than at overhead angles so that the theater-goers get a better view of the action.

If you are a fan of 3D or curious to check out 3D for the first time, Step Up 3D is a good representative of how 3D can enhance a movie if it used correctly.

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