Monday, September 20, 2010

My Fall 2010 (Anticipated) Standouts

There have been a few shows that seem intriguing to me this fall.  Not sure how they will do in the ratings, but I will definitely be checking out the first few episodes of each of these new shows.

-          Boardwark Empire (HBO):  Starring Steve Buscemi and executive produced by Terrence Winter and Martin Scorcese.  This show covers a time period not normally seen on TV, and has the pedigree of quality actors and producers.

-          Lone Star (FOX) – This show has the most intriguing premise of the fall season.  The reviews have been universally fantastic.  Plus the pilot was directed by Marc Webb, the director of one of my favorite movies of last year (500) Days of Summer.

-          The Event (NBC) – What can I say?  I am sucker for “Event” shows.  A large cast with separate storylines all converging on one mystery? Sign me up.  I hope it doesn’t ruin itself by taking too long to develop its mysteries like Lost and FlashForward.

-          Outsourced (NBC) – The first comedy on my list might be the intriguing one for me.  The setting is both familiar and different at the same time.  I hope that they don’t just do “lost in translation” jokes between the characters all the time.  I have to believe they wouldn’t make this show otherwise.

-          Undercovers (NBC) – I am a JJ Abrams sucker.  I have seen almost everything he has been involved with except for Felicity (I did see a lot of season one), so I’m on the bandwagon for this show.  Not to mention the two beautiful black leads on a primetime show.  Can’t remember the last time I saw something like that.  I wonder how long it will take for the show to take a crazy science fiction turn, like the other Abrams shows. 

-           No Ordinary Family (ABC) – Superheroes on TV.  It still has not been done right.  I think Smallville has been the most consistent ever, and that’s not saying much.  Heroes’ Season One was fantastic, but due to the writers and NBC’s failings, the show sucked afterwards.

-          Mike and Molly (CBS) – I want to at least to check out the pilot of this show about two overweight people who meet and begin a relationship.  I think a lot of people will check it out to see a different type of cast on a sitcom from the normal young, slim, white, single friends or the kooky family.

-          Walking Dead (AMC) – AMC’s pedigree is pretty much undeniable right now.  With Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Rubicon, they are a network that cares about the quality of its new shows.  Plus, it’s Zombies!

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