Monday, November 22, 2010

Human Target returns (with some changes)

One of my favorite guilty pleasure shows, Human Target returned last week.  The return was not without some changes.  It seems the show runners have decided that having three old guys is not what a mass audience wants to see.  To fix this, they have added two beautiful women to the cast to try and expand the audience.

The first is Ilsa Pucci, who is now the extremely rich benefactor of the group.  I suppose she might be the "Charlie" to the group.  
The second is the thief Ames, who will fill the role of the newbie/mentee to the original trio.  Chance, Winston, and Guerrero are all veterans in their business and I'm thinking that having Ames allows the audience to develop a relationship with the trio.

Personally, I am slightly concerned about these changes.  One of the things I liked about Human Target was the scrappiness of Chance and Co.  They would call in favors to get a ride to some of the locations, now with Ilsa Pucci's backing they can pretty much do anything they want because of her money.  Second, and I hope I'm wrong about this, but I don't want Ames to just be a stand in for the audience.  At the start of the show, the relationship between Chance, Winston and Guerrero is fully developed, each knows the other very well.  With a new character in the mix, we are forced into a "getting to know you" period between the characters.  Hopefully Human Target can keep up the fun action that it had last season.  It has a great timeslot on Wednesdays and there aren't too many fast paced action shows on network TV right now.

Link to the first episode of the new season that introduces the new characters.

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