Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughts on Cyrus: An Unusual Comedy with An Unusual Star

I really enjoyed Cyrus.  It a small comedy from last year that is now on DVD.  It stars John C. Reilly as John, lonely divorced man who meets Molly, played by Marisa Tomei.  Jonah Hill plays the titular character Cyrus, the son of Molly, a 21 year old man-child who lives at home with Molly.  As John and Molly begin to develop a romance, Cyrus, due to jealousy issues tries his best to break up the budding couple.  The movie then becomes a battle between Cyrus and Molly for the affections of Molly.

What I liked most about this movie is the performance by John C Reilly.  I haven't seen him as the lead star too many times and it was refreshing to see him take a role and knock it out of the park.  He is really funny as the initially sad sack John and he has fantastic chemistry with Tomei.

Tomei is really good here also as the offbeat and naive Molly.  The relationship between Molly and Cyrus is odd, yet never the riches creepy zone.  The fact that the director/writers Duplass Brothers hold back from making the Molly and Cyrus relationship creepy is another  one of touches I really appreciated about the movie.

Jonah Hill has a tricky role here, his role here is different than how we see him normally.  He really holds back from being the annoying, neurotic person normally seen in movies such as Superbad.

I enjoyed the fact that the movie never goes "Hollywood" with the battle between John and Cyrus.  Things never really get goofy between the two, where they commit silly physical acts throughout the movie in an effort to discredit the other.  It's refreshing to see a comedy that can restrain itself.

I totally recommend seeing this movie.  ***1/2 out of **** stars.

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