Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking In: Really Bad

Being obsessed with TV can be a bad thing.  I decided to check out Fox's newest show "Breaking In".  It is the new Christian Slater show. I think it was trying to be a comedy, but nothing about it was funny at all.  Slater's mugging for the camera was incredibly grating.  I don't understand how Slater keeps getting new work.  The main character is an repulsive bore.  The black character's eccentricity is mind numbing.  Even the hot girl, the safe cracker of the group is made unlikable by her choice in boyfriend.

The show seems to think that making characters wacky is funny, unfortunately it isn't.  The characters are so wacky that it makes it hard to believe that they are competent at their job at breaking into buildings.  I was so disappointed in the show I was on the verge of stopping it halfway through.  There was nothing redeeming about this show.

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