Monday, September 12, 2011

Apollo 18: Disappointing Trip to the Moon

Too bad you never get a clear view of the aliens

Apollo 18 is boring.  There I said it.  It is a thriller set primarily on the moon where a bunch of astronauts discover a new species on the moon.  It is a "found footage" movie, because even though Apollo 18 is a secret mission that no one should ever know about, every second of every one of the mission's members life needed to be documented.

The problem with the movie is that uses the found footage trope poorly.  The main scare, repeated many times in the movie is one of the cameras catching the alien moving out of sight of the astronauts.  I kept expecting something to happen and by the time it did, I was already falling asleep.

I'll give the movie credit for having a neat way to tie the creatures with a large aspect of the history American space travel.

*1/2 Stars.

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